Cosplay Photoshoot

Information about our prices, how a shoot works and copyright.



- Profesional location photoshoot: Please contact us for information

- Studio or location shoot at convention: 300NOK / 45usd / 35euro



How does a photoshoot work

Initial contact:

We start of by having a nice conversation discussing a few things like what you are looking for, what mood you want, what location, when etc.

Day before the shoot:

We have a final conversation if the shoot will be done or not, a lot of things can stop a shoot like weather, technical issues, sickness etc..

Day of the shoot:

We meet at the agreed location and time. Then discuss some final thoughts on what we want before we start setting up our photography gear. Depending on what you want and the location etc this can take anywhere from 10min to an hour++

The shoot:

We start photographing and make sure we are all having a good time. If there is anything on your mind you feel is wrong or things you want us to try then its important to let us know.

After the shoot:


When will the photos be ready:

This all depends on how much work there will be to edit, usually this won't be more than a week or so.


Copyright and use of photos

All photos from a photoshoot are for personal use only, if you want commercial rights please check out this page. More on copyright check out this page