About Cosplay Studio

Cosplay studio is a team consisting of two photographers and one digital artist who provide high end photography services for the EU/US marked. Whenever we are doing studio shoots on conventions or location shoots out in the wild, you can expect us to create experiences and photographs that will exceed your expectations. Cosplay Studio  have been in businenss since 2015.


JL Photography

Jørgen Lindalen is a portrait photographer based in Oslo, Norway. His goal is to not only create fantastic photos, but also create a fun an memorable experience.  You can find him at JL Photography or facebook.


Reflective photography

Øystein Stadskleiv is a portrait photographer based in Oslo, Norway. You can expect him to be in a good mood and is always interested in hearing how he can create a photograph that engages you and exceeds your expectations. You can find him at Reflective Photography or facebook.